Cancellation, Upgrade/Downgrade & Termination

Cancellation, Upgrade/Downgrade and Termination

You will not be charged any fee if you request to cancel your subscription within a minimum four (4) days prior to the installation date. A cancellation fee of RM200 will be imposed if you cancel your subscription within four (4) days of your installation date or on the day of installation.
You may request a speed upgrade at no charge, at any time with no renewal on the minimum subscription period.
You may request a speed downgrade at any time subject to a downgrading fee of RM50 with no renewal on the minimum subscription period.
You may request service relocation subject to the availability of the service at the new location at the rate of RM200 per request.
You may request termination of your account, and if you are still within the contract period, your termination fee will be waived provided you produce an original utility bill with your new location address.
You will be charged a termination fee of RM500, which will be reflected in your final bill.
We only require you to return the Modem (ONT). All other devices belong to you. Celcom TechXpert will arrange to collect the Modem from your home. RM300 will be charged if you fail to return the Modem.
Termination of service is available at Celcom Blue Cube in Sabah or you may call Celcom Customer Service Consultant at 1-300-11-3282