Celcom Home Fibre is a service that provides High Speed Internet (HSI) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), using optical fibre technology offered to residential customers. It allows you to enjoy a stable high-speed connection directly to your computer or via seamless WiFi access anywhere within your home.
You may visit the Coverage List Page or your nearest Celcom Blue Cube in Sabah to check the coverage area.
Celcom Home Fibre is available for residential customers who register using their IC or Passport number.
Yes, two years contract.
FIRST Privilege is available for the following customers:
  • Customers who subscribe to FIRST™ Gold Plus, or
  • Customers who subscribe to FIRST™ Platinum.
You may subscribe to the service through us Microsys Solution, authorized reseller for Celcom Home Fibre. For online registration, please visit this link https://celcomhomefibre.com.my/#apply
Please refer to below for our plan offerings and fees (unless during promotional periods):
Package Celcom Home Fibre 120 Celcom Home Fibre 150 Celcom Home Fibre 180
Fee Monthly RM120.00 RM150.00 RM180.00
Internet Download Speed 10Mbps 20Mbps 40Mbps
Upload Speed 10Mbps 20Mbps 40Mbps
Data Volume Unlimited
Voice Call Rate to All Networks 10sen/min
Call Rate IDD Normal Published Rates
Device Router FREE
Others Installation Fee FREE
Activation Fee FREE
The deposit fee of RM500 is only chargeable to non-Malaysians and is to be paid up front.
For the credit limit, please refer to the table below:
Package Celcom Home Fibre
Plan Fibre 120 Fibre 150 Fibre 180
Speed 10Mbps 20Mbps 40Mbps
Total Montly Fee RM120 RM150 RM180
Credit Limit RM300 RM400 RM500


Installation can be scheduled immediately during registration. Installation date may vary depending on the Celcom TechXpert’s availability and you may be required to provide an alternative date for the installation if the first installation date is unavailable.
You will not be charged any fee if you request to reschedule within a minimum four (4) days prior to the installation date. A rescheduling fee of RM200 will be imposed if you reschedule your appointment within four (4) days of your previously set appointment or after the confirmation call made by Celcom Customer Service Consultant.
The installation process will take approximately three (3) to six (6) hours depending on the premises. You will receive a call from Celcom four (4) days from the appointment date to confirm the installation date and time. In the event that you are not reachable, we will deem the appointment confirmed and proceed to inform Celcom TechXpert. Celcom TechXpert will make a call to you on the day of the installation to arrange for the installation to take place.
Drilling may be required to connect the service to your house. You will need to approve the drilling and the design of the connection prior to installation.
You may request a non-standard installation at a cost that will be borne by you. The request must be made directly to the TechXpert and cost (refer to below) thereof shall be paid directly to the TechXpert:
Installation Type Wiring Description Distance Proposed Pricing
External (Pole to FTB) Ground surface First 30m RM450
Additional metre RM6
Internal (FTB to BTU) 3M surface First 15m RM290
Additional metre RM20
Over the ceiling First 30m RM170
Additional metre RM2

Step 1: Search for your Celcom Home Fibre SSID as displayed on the Router, using a computer or a smart device.

Step 2: Select the Celcom Home Fibre SSID and enter the Security Key displayed on the Router.

Step 3: You are now connected. Enjoy your Celcom Home Fibre anywhere within your home.

The service is only compatible with selected brands and certain models of CCTV. Kindly ensure that your CCTV is compatible with a private dynamic IP. You may also need to contact your CCTV supplier for configuration.


You will see a statement reflecting your monthly access fee plus a pro-ration of the access fee from the date of your activation to the date that you are billed and a stamp fee of RM10. Additional charges and rebates will be reflected based on the offerings that are part of your package.
Items which are subject to 6% GST are monthly access fee and usage charges.
You may make payments at any of Celcom Blue Cubes, Celcom kiosk services or via online banking services such as Maybank2u or CIMBClicks.


Celcom will install a Router (RGW) and a Modem (ONT) on your premises.
The Router and Modem have a warranty period of twelve (12) months.
You will not be charged for the replacement of the devices during the warranty period due to damages caused by a manufacturing defect. In the event that the device is damaged due to your negligence you will be charged RM300 for the replacement of the Router and the Modem.
Devices Device Replacement Charges
Within Warranty Period Beyond Warranty Period
Incidental Manufacturing Incidental Manufacturing
Router (RGW) RM300 FREE replacement (one to one swap) RM300
Modem (ONT) RM300 RM300

Cancellation, Upgrade/Downgrade and Termination

You will not be charged any fee if you request to cancel your subscription within a minimum four (4) days prior to the installation date. A cancellation fee of RM200 will be imposed if you cancel your subscription within four (4) days of your installation date or on the day of installation.
You may request a speed upgrade at no charge, at any time with no renewal on the minimum subscription period.
You may request a speed downgrade at any time subject to a downgrading fee of RM50 with no renewal on the minimum subscription period.
You may request service relocation subject to the availability of the service at the new location at the rate of RM200 per request.
You may request termination of your account, and if you are still within the contract period, your termination fee will be waived provided you produce an original utility bill with your new location address.
You will be charged a termination fee of RM500, which will be reflected in your final bill.
We only require you to return the Modem (ONT). All other devices belong to you. Celcom TechXpert will arrange to collect the Modem from your home. RM300 will be charged if you fail to return the Modem.
Termination of service is available at Celcom Blue Cube in Sabah or you may call Celcom Customer Service Consultant at 1-300-11-3282